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Why does a CBD bubble bath trigger a relaxed and fearful response?

Asked 3 years ago

Is it normal to feel scared and relaxed at the same time while taking a hemp bubble bath? I have developed a really bad case of anxiety, and I want to know more about CBD oil products for this reason. I tried taking a hemp bubble bath, and for the duration of that bath, I felt relaxed but also scared. I tried researching what happened but didn't find any results. Years ago I smoked weed and got so high my mind kept looping, it made me beyond paranoid. Therefore, weed is out! But will CBD oil taken in the form of a bubble bath bomb relax me since aren't baths supposed to be good for anxiety?

Petal Mashraki

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Feeling "scared and relaxed" at the same time sounds like anxiety to me! CBD usually reduces anxiety, and I would imagine that a CBD bubble bath would be the ultimate calming experience since baths are good for anxiety. I don't think the anxiety you experienced in the bath could be because of the CBD bubble bath.

So the only explanation I can think of is that maybe you've bought a bubble bath with high THC content. But even that shouldn't have a negative effect on you. The amount of THC in CBD bubble bath is minimal and is too low to cause the reaction you had. The CBD or THC in topicals, cosmetics and bath products doesn't get into your blood, or travel to your brain!

Why don't you try CBD gummies, tablets, or CBD oil. Go for broad-spectrum or isolate CBD that has no THC, just to be sure your anxiety won't be triggered.

Avik Das

Thursday, April 15, 2021

With numerous CBD products getting more recognization nowadays, one such example is the CBD bubble bath. Bubble bath always provides you with a soothing experience, but when it's a CBD bubble bath then the experience should be even better. CBD products comfort your mind, and it certainly lowers your anxiety. But if you are feeling fearful and relaxed at the same time while taking a bubble bath, then it might have to do with your already existing anxiety.

As bubble bath has an external effect, it is considered to be very safe and hence, it shouldn't have triggered the response you had while taking the bubble bath. If you are worried about getting a high due CBD bubble bath, it is not likely to happen for several reasons. First, a bubble bath has a very low THC rate, which is the basic ingredient in full-spectrum CBD that makes you high. With a minimal amount of THC, you will never get stoned while taking a CBD bubble bath. Secondly, even if your CBD bubble bath has adequate THC, it won't affect you internally, as the bubble bath won't enter your blood or saliva. You can continue taking a bubble bath after knowing these facts, so just keep an open mind before getting into the bathtub.

Since you have developed bad anxiety, many CBD products could help you to get over it besides CBD bubble bath. For starters, you can go for CBD gummies, which are not only delicious with different flavours but also get the job done. You can also opt for CBD capsules, but be prudent about the doses in capsules. Vaping could be another option, but I would personally suggest evading it because vaping isn't as effective as other CBD products, and it doesn't stay in the system for very long. And lastly, CBD oil is the best possible choice to fight your anxiety. As a beginner, you can take an expert or doctor's advice before deciding to try it out.

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