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Lion's Mane fruiting bodies vs. mycelium extracts?

Asked 3 years ago

What is healthier between the whole fruiting bodies and just the mycelium extracts of Lion's Mane mushrooms? Aren't consuming the whole fruiting bodies of fungi more dangerous because you might consume or inhale some spores, which could be dangerous? I'm a little confused about the differentiation between the two and which methods use the better components because I heard someone say that mycelium extracts only use the reproductive structure of the fungus, which is inferior.

Joel Taylor

Sunday, September 26, 2021

If you're comparing Lion's Mane mushroom fruiting body vs mycelium, then there's really no comparison. In the simplest terms, think of the mycelium extracts as the cheaper and faster way to make mushroom supplements, but definitely not the healthier or wiser option. Traditionally, medicinal mushrooms are grown with spores or mycelium on grain or wheat, and then waiting for the fungus to grow into the full mushroom that is used. Mycelium extracts are just that, mycelium, mixed with a lot of grain. This form of Lion's Mane is legal, but you should still stay away from it.

Avik Das

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Between Lion's Mane fruiting bodies and mycelium, the former is certainly healthier. High-quality fruiting bodies are more effective because they are known as full-spectrum with different mushroom's nutritional components. Compared to fruiting bodies, mycelium extracts are a kind of cheaper substitute, which aren't very difficult to produce, unlike fruiting bodies. As a matter of fact, FDA doesn't even recognize mycelium as a mushroom.

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