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Is it safe to take Lion's Mane every day for my sleep?

Asked 3 years ago

I'm concerned about there being long-term effects, will my body become dependant on them? I take Lion's Mane at night before bed to try and act against my insomnia.

Joel Taylor

Monday, July 05, 2021

Unfortunately, little is known about the side effects of Lion's Mane mushrooms in the long term as no studies have been carried out on this particular topic in humans. As far as scientists can tell, Lion's Mane appears to be safe, even in relatively high doses. There is some debate that it can aggravate allergies, but more research is needed and you should therefore always check with a doctor first.

What this means is that you should be safe to take Lion's mane before bed for better sleep, if it works for you. Debating whether or not you could become dependant on it for better sleep is like wondering if you'll become dependant on coffee to wake up in the morning. The answer is likely, but it shouldn't be too difficult to become non-dependant on it again if you set your mind to it.

You can also potentially try Lion's Mane and CBD together for optimum results.

Avik Das

Monday, August 16, 2021

Even though there is no conclusive study, Lion' mane is normally considered to be a safe product with numerous benefits. You can certainly take Lion's mane daily without experiencing many side effects. But is key to follow the limited daily dosages. Try to keep the daily intake between 200mg to 700mg. If the minimum does give the desired result, try sticking to it.

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