What Is the Difference Between Vaping CBD and Ingesting CBD Oils for Joint Pain? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

What Is the Difference Between Vaping CBD and Ingesting CBD Oils for Joint Pain?

Learn the difference are between vaping CBD and consuming CBD. Read about the absorption rate and discover which one would work best for your joint ache.

By Samuel Njoroge
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published June 23, 2021.

Continually suffering from joint pain is definitely not something you want to be living with, especially when it gets to a point where it's cold and you cannot move your fingers due to an excruciating ache.

Although many people have turned to CBD for relief and swear by it, whether it's truly effective or not, science doesn't say. Nevertheless, below we discuss the possible differences are between vaping and ingesting oil for joint pain.

Vaping for Joint Pain

Vaping has become an increasingly popular way to ingest CBD for a quick pain-relieving effect that a lot of people say they experience. It presents the best bioavailability by avoiding the first-pass effect and heading directly to your brain, which may allow nearly three times as much CBD to enter your body system for optimum absorption.

However, it's said to go almost as quickly as it comes, which means it's probably not the way to go in terms of a persistent joint ache.

Ingesting CBD

CBD has to undergo digestion and metabolism in oral consumption, which in turn filters out a considerable amount of the compound. This may reduce the efficiency and force you to consume a larger amount of the compound to experience the same effects.

However, once your optimum dosage has been found it will have a longer-lasting effect, and any flare-ups during the day can easily be remedied with a topical CBD cream.


No matter the differences, each method of CBD consumption may have the desired effect, but it does depend on your circumstances and your personal preferences.

Remember that regardless of which method you choose, conduct extensive research to find out more about its probable side effects and recommended dosage.