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Does Cordyceps increase dopamine?

Asked 2 years ago

I've been combating depression for a while now and have been on antidepressants. I am wanting to try a natural alternative to increase my dopamine levels. I have seen studies that suggest Cordyceps are a viable alternative, but I am unsure and don't want to take supplements that I am not 100% confident in. Can anybody vouch for the fact that Cordyceps can increase dopamine levels? I know that adrenaline levels have a strong relationship with dopamine, so perhaps Cordyceps could help with that at least?

Osasere Okunloye

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Some constituents of Cordyceps act as agonist to adrenoreceptor and dopamine D2 receptors. Cordyceps can also inhibit noradenaline and dopamine reuptake. Because of these chemical behaviours of cordyceps, they have been said to have antidepressant properties.

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