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Which strength of CBD oil would be considered safe for my anxiety?

Asked 3 years ago

How should I use CBD oil if I have anxiety? Is the oil strength of 2.8% safe for me to use?

Avik Das

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Mental health problem is a major thing that is often neglected, and mental health issues could affect you physically as well. To fight with daily stress in life and to keep your mind in a fresh mode every day, CBD oil is one of the best solutions, proven to be better than normal medicines due to lack of side effects. CBD or simply Cannabidiol has emerged as a natural treatment to fight your anxiety issues in recent years. Filled with natural ingredients, there is hardly any better alternative now. But many people are dubious about the dosages of CBD oil like the strength and frequency of taking the CBD oil.

Well, it is difficult to mention the right amount of strength in CBD for a particular person because it depends on a lot of conditions. For instance, your overall medical conditions, previous or existing disease, your body weight might decide the right strength of CBD oil for the anxiety. Moreover, if you already take medicines with CBD, then you have to go for lower strength to be on the safe side. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with the doctor, and after looking at your conditions, he would be able to refer you to the right dose of CBD oil. Assuming you are new to taking CBD oil, 2.8 is seemingly safe strength, but again it would depend on a lot of other factors. Get a full-body checkup and get a prominent doctor's suggestion.

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