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Can I use two different CBD products at the same time?

Asked 3 years ago

I had major spinal surgery where I fractured L1 L2, and L3. Can I combine different CBD products, such as various CBD oil and CBD paste dosages for back pain?

Avik Das

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

CBD is a natural product and hence, it's not unusual for people to take different types of CBD products. There are several reasons why two or more CBD products could be used simultaneously. One reason could be to meet the requirement of a high dose for a person, and instead of taking a CBD dose at one time, it's a great idea to split it through different forms. The other reason could be effectiveness. One CBD product might work better for your anxiety and depression while the other might be best suitable for your pain or acne.

Now let's talk about the safety of using two different CBD products. CBD is totally natural and certainly not toxic, so there is very little chance that you would see any negative effects from using two different CBD products simultaneously. In fact, if you need a high CBD dose, then two different CBD products could give you a better result because many studies say not to take a high CBD dose at one time. The chances of getting faced with any inconvenience are improbable, but if you do, then you might have a dry mouth or experience a little drowsiness. In that case, you should consult an expert to recalculate your daily CBD doses.

Since you had major spinal surgery, you would take CBD to deal with the back pain, not anxiety or stress. Given the studies and statements above, there shouldn't be an issue to take CBD oil and CBD paste at the same time to reduce the agonizing pain. Just calculate your dosage and make sure that it doesn't cross over 70 mg per day, this is the maximum daily CBD intake mark.

Also, be wary about the THC percentage in your products and keep it as low as possible, a high THC count could make you high, especially when you take high dosages of CBD every single day.

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