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Which CBD products are best used for chronic arthritis?

Asked 3 years ago

Do you have recommendations for CBD oil to help deal with my chronic arthritis in my hips and back? I am in need of some pain relief, as well as something to reduce the inflammation.

Osasere Okunloye

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. So, of course, there are CBD products that can help reduce your arthritis and inflammation.

The required dosage depends on a variety of parameters, ranging from body composition, BMI, weight, and the condition to be treated.

Always make sure you read the labels, and understand the particular product before deciding on how many drops to take. It is advisable you start with a small dose, then increase gradually until it produces the required result.

You can start with a full-spectrum CBD oil and monitor the difference it makes. Let's say about 20mg. Some CBD products contain THC. Try to keep the amount of THC as minimal as possible. You might have to take more THC than legally approved.

There is no real specified way to use CBD products for arthritis. CBD products like gummies can affect your whole body, but if your pain is localised to a specific area, you can just apply CBD oil directly on the spot as a lotion.

If you're considering taking CBD products for the first time, you should understand that many products are available. Always try to read the label, understand and decide which CBD product will be best for you. Also, CBD can affect some medications, you must talk to your local pharmacists to see if you can take CBD at the moment.

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