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Does CBD Oil Help Balance Hormones?

Learn about how CBD might influence hormones, which hormones it might influence, and if it can be used as a good treatment for hormone imbalances.

Joel Taylor - writer and editor for Cannabotech
By Joel Taylor
Kelli Harris
Edited by Kelli Harris

Published November 30, 2021.

CBD oil impacts various functions in our bodies, and it may also affect the release of certain hormones.

How CBD Influences Hormones

The body has a built-in endocannabinoid system (ECS), which research has defined as a complex neuromodulatory system that influences various other systems in the body, particularly the central nervous system (CNS).

Within the CNS is the part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which influences the endocrine system to help modulate hormone release throughout your body.

More research is needed on exactly how this process works, but it is thought that CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) in the ECS, which can help it regulate the various other systems that it controls, including hormone release through the endocrine system. There are various studies that suggest this belief.

Which Hormones CBD Oil Affects

As suggested above, more research is needed on this topic, but CBD may influence the following hormones:

  • Cortisol (stress hormone) One of the major claimed benefits of CBD is that it can exhibit a relaxing effect, and this may be due to modulation of the stress response in the hypothalamus, restricting the release of cortisol.
  • Oestrogen This topic needs more research, but CBD may inhibit aromatase, an enzyme that synthesises estrogen.
  • Thyroid hormone The thyroid, specifically, contains a number of cannabinoid receptors, which suggests that CBD may help regulate the release of hormones in the thyroid.
  • Insulin Some research has shown CBD to have some hypoglycemic (blood sugar-lowering) effects, which could influence the release of insulin as well.


Although there is some research that suggests a link between CBD and hormone release, more is needed before suggesting that CBD and hemp oil are good treatments for hormonal imbalances. The same is true for attempting to define what the best way to take CBD oil might be for hormone imbalance, and so you should discuss the topic with your doctor first, especially if you are on other medication.