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Does CBD help with Asthma?

Asked 3 years ago

I have asthma, and I'm looking for alternative medication/methods to use for symptomatic relief and possibly asthma attacks as well. Does anyone know if there is a CBD product that can help?

Osasere Okunloye

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Asthma is caused by the inflammation and swelling of the airways. In times of flare-ups, asthmatic patients find it difficult to breathe and may cough excessively. Although more studies need to be conducted, experts say that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation and hyperresponsiveness, leading to less crisis.

If you would like to try out CBD for your asthma, be careful about the method you use. The oral method is the best as vaping may cause irritation in your airways, which may lead to further problems. Also, be careful about your dosage. The key is to start slowly, then gradually increase until you get a suitable result.

Do not stop any of your asthma medications for CBD, except when advised by your doctor. Also, before taking CBD along with asthma medications, see your doctor first. This is because CBD can interfere with the metabolism of certain drugs. Although there are indications that asthma might be able to reduce flare-ups during asthma, more studies need to be conducted before CBD can be recommended as an effective and safe way of treating symptoms associated with asthma.

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