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Can CBD oil help with postpartum depression (PPD)?

Asked 3 years ago

It's a few weeks after the birth of my first child and I have to admit, I feel terrible. I'm experiencing mood swings, excessive crying, trouble sleeping, and postpartum anxiety (PPA) as well. I've never used antidepressants and I don't really want to start now. Does CBD even benefit the treatment of PPD? Which CBD products are the best for PPD and PPA? I can't really seem to find much info on this particular topic so I thought I'd ask the CBD communities. Can I use CBD oil for PPD?

Avik Das

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Yes, CBD oil can certainly help with Postpartum depression. For sleeping issues, mood swings and anxiety, you can use broad-spectrum CBD, which has no or less THC, and it also has a long-lasting effect. Medterra CBD, Royal CBD, and Blessed CBD are some reputed brands to buy your CBD oil.

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