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How can you tell if you have accumulated sleep debt?

Asked 7 months ago

Hey guys.

I'm having a hectic month at work, and my wife told me I should pay attention to how much sleep I'm getting so I don't start accumulating sleep debt. How will I know when the debt has started to accumulate? I'm guessing it already has, but what are the usual symptoms of it?

But also, how long can it keep accumulating, and will it reset if I sleep longer during the weekend?

Thanks for answering.

Turner Dean

Thursday, April 27, 2023

If you consistently get less sleep than your body needs, you accumulate sleep debt and may begin to experience daytime fatigue, mood changes, and memory and concentration problems. Once these start, it’ll only get worse from there except you begin to pay back your sleep debt. And this is not something you can do by just sleeping longer on a weekend, but by consistently getting enough sleep every night.

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