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Which CBD products are recommended for depression and sleep issues?

Asked 3 years ago

Good evening, I'm looking for some help: Firstly, does CBD oil help with depression-related conditions, such as borderline personality disorder? Secondly, Which CBD products should I take to help with depression and for sleep issues? What is the best method to use for this? e.g. vape, gummies, oil

Osasere Okunloye

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Studies say that CBD can help with depression and other mental illnesses. There are CBD products out there made specifically to help those suffering from depression, and also insomnia. However, you should know that CBD isn't a recognised cure for any disorder and should see a doctor first before taking any step.

CBD products made for depression may contain other ingredients that have antidepressant properties. CBD for insomnia will likely contain melatonin, a hormone that controls the sleep-wake pattern in humans.

Generally, before taking any CBD product, you should carry out your research. Be wary of CBD products that come very cheap. Also, check for the certificate of accuracy by an independent laboratory. You can find the certificate on the label or the company's website. Companies with consistently good results are very proud to show their independent laboratory test certificates.

For depression, you can take CBD as tinctures, you can also take as gummies for sleep issues as they provide a very enjoyable way to take CBD. You can also use tinctures for insomnia too. If you will like to avoid THC totally, you should avoid full spectrum CBD as a very low amount of THC can be found in blood tests. Some experts also say that THC can cause anxiety in some individuals.

You may not necessarily have to get CBD or any other medication for sleeplessness, as it may be a result of depression. Mental health is very important, you can see a psychologist or any other close relative and talk about what you may be going through. CBD is not a cure for depression, and should not be your first option. Before taking CBD for the first time, you should see a doctor.

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