Are Tingling Lips and a Numb Tongue Common Side-Effects From Taking CBD Oil? - Cannabotech CBD Questions & Answers

Are Tingling Lips and a Numb Tongue Common Side-Effects From Taking CBD Oil?

Tingling lips and a numb tongue seem to be an issue for many CBD oil consumers. But what's to blame? Find out the root of your problem and how to solve it fast.

By Alex Saez
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Updated April 6, 2023.

Lots of people report that CBD oil often causes numbness or tingling on the lips. These experiences are pretty widespread, even in THC-free products like broad-spectrum and isolate.

With research into CBD's side effects being pretty sparse, we probably don't have a complete picture. But do people feel their lips go numb as a result of CBD, or is it something else?

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Can CBD Oil Cause Numbness and Tingling in the Mouth?

CBD oil can cause numbness and tingling, but it's not because of the CBD. Once you understand that distinction, it's easy to find a better product.

Why Does CBD Oil Make Your Mouth Go Numb?

CBD oil makes your mouth go numb because of THC. Full-spectrum ("whole-plant") CBD oil contains up to 0.3% THC, which could cause numbness and tingling.

But what about full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils? Those are supposed to contain no THC - emphasis on "supposed to." Broad-spectrum is usually advertised as "zero THC," but it's impossible to get it all. Insignificant traces will remain behind, but they're so small that a company can advertise the oil as THC-free.

Isolate isn't likely to contain any THC, as long as it's manufactured properly. But that's where the problems really lie. Some retailers don't put enough effort into their products.

Mislabeling is a huge concern in an unregulated industry like CBD. It's led to self-regulation, with some vendors focusing on quality while others are sloppy at best. But without a standard to follow, you don't really know if what you read on the label is correct.

When the FDA tested several CBD products, most were found to contain the wrong amount of CBD, while others showed THC levels above the 0.3% legal limit.


CBD oil can make your mouth go numb, but don't blame the CBD. The side effect is a result of full-spectrum CBD oil or poor manufacturing practices.

If your broad-spectrum or isolate CBD oil causes your mouth, lips, or tongue to go numb, this means it contains more THC than advertised. That's a sign you need to find a more reputable brand.