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What dosage of CBD oil helps for anxiety and depression?

Asked 3 years ago

I suffer from anxiety and depression. I was wondering what dosage of CBD oil has helped others for their anxiety and depression. Can CBD oil even help with depression?

Petal Mashraki

Sunday, April 11, 2021

I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through anxiety and depression, but CBD oil might be able to help. Finding the right dosage is the hardest part of using CBD. You need to start low and go slowly, increasing the dose until you get relief. The dosage depends on many factors including your health and body weight.

Experts recommend starting with about 10-40mg a day and giving it a week to make an impact. If you're not feeling any change, then increase the dosage until you get results. If you're taking a lot of drops each time, then you could switch to a product with a higher concentration and take fewer drops.

There are online dosage calculators that could help you. It is a matter of trial and error until you find the dosage that suits you. Talk to your doctor for professional advice about your particular situation.

Osasere Okunloye

Sunday, April 25, 2021

There is no universal dosage for CBD products for treating symptoms of anxiety, depression or any other disorder. Every individual responds differently to CBD products. Certain factors may affect the correct dosage of CBD products for any individual. These factors may include body weight, body chemistry, the disorder you want to treat, the form in which CBD is taken etc.

To dose accurately, you should read and understand the label, or better check for independent laboratory testing. After confirming the amount of CBD in the bottle, you should calculate the amount of CBD in each millilitre of the oil inside the bottle. The simple formula is to divide the amount of CBD (in milligramme) by the millilitres of CBD oil in the bottle. The result is the amount of CBD in every one millilitre of the bottle.

As stated earlier, there is no universal dose for CBD product. To get the suitable dosage for you, start with a low dosage (20mg-40mg per day), gradually increase it until you get your required result. If you're considering replacing any prescribed drug with CBD or taking any drug along with CBD, please see a doctor. When it comes to issues of mental health, it should be taken with utmost importance. You can try to find out the reason for your anxiety, or talk to someone close or a professional about it.

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