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Which CBD product is recommended for Sciatica?

Asked 3 years ago

I am new to CBD and I'm looking for suggestions. I need something to take for sciatica and sleep problems. I take slow-release tramadol at night, but to be honest, it’s doing nothing for me at the moment. What can you recommend I start with? I need to know the correct dose of CBD oil for sciatica pain.

Joel Taylor

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Since you say you are new to this, I can give you some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you are purchasing CBD products and not hemp oil as this contains no CBD and will not help for sciatica nerve pain.
  • The best CBD for sciatica depends on you, so it's a process of trial and error to figure out what products and dosages work best for you.
  • Aside from ingested oils, you can also try CBD lotions and balms for sciatica as rubbing it into the inflamed areas could potentially alleviate the symptoms.

Aside from these points, you should always check with a doctor because there could be interactions between CBD and other medications.

Osasere Okunloye

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Many studies say that CBD can help treat symptoms associated with pain and inflammation. There is a long list of CBD products made specifically for sciatica, and insomnia. I'll give you guidelines on how to find one suitable for you.

CBD products made specifically for sciatica will have an added pain relief ingredient in addition to the full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. These added pain relief ingredients can include menthol, camphor, peppermint, turmeric oil etc. For insomnia, melatonin can be added. Melatonin is a hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle in humans.

When taking CBD for any pain associated disorder, you should apply CBD topically in form of lotions and creams if the pain is felt in a certain area, this will produce a faster effect. For insomnia, you can use oils and tinctures. Also, there is no universal dosage for CBD. Start slowly and increase gradually till you find the required result. I will advise you to take CBD for your sciatica first, as the insomnia you currently experience may be a result of the pain from sciatica.

If you will like to avoid THC totally, you can go for broad-spectrum or isolates instead as the very small amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD can be noticeable in blood tests.

The key is to do your research and find the CBD product that is suitable for you. Also, check for the certificate of accuracy from an independent laboratory to find out the actual constituents of the CBD product you are taking. Remember to talk to a doctor before trying CBD for the first time, especially if you are currently taking any other medication.

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