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Recommended CBD products for chronic back pain and insomnia?

Asked 3 years ago

I have type 2 diabetes, and I'm currently taking insulin, and I take a big variety of tablets: 1 x citalopram 2 x insulin 3 x testogel 4 x empagliflozin 5 x gliclazide, 6 x simvastatin, 7 x hydroxyzine, 8 x omeprazole, 9 x cetirizine, 10 x metformin, 11 x pregabalin - but try not to use them. 12 x zolpidem - don't work at all with me. 13 x 100ml methadone I have chronic back pain and neuropathy in my legs and feet. I can barely sleep; I get 4 -5 hours of it if I'm lucky. Can anyone recommend any CBD products?

Osasere Okunloye

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

There is no perfect CBD product for insomnia or backache. Every quality CBD product serves a purpose. I will give you guidelines on how to choose the best CBD product for you and encourage you to do your research.

1. Independent laboratory testing: most trustworthy CBD companies have their products verified by an independent laboratory. You can find the test results on the label, the box they came in or on their website. Please note that the ingredients on the label of CBD products are not always accurate. I will advise you to always check for the ingredients on the certificate of accuracy by an independent laboratory before getting any CBD product.

2. Forms of CBD: CBD can be taken in several forms including oils and tinctures, gummies, creams and lotions, capsules, edibles etc. Experts advise that when treating pain that is localised in a certain area, you should get a CBD lotion and apply it topically. For insomnia, you can take CBD as oil and tinctures. Taking CBD as oils allow a widespread of CBD throughout your body

3. Additional ingredients: some CBD companies have other ingredients added to their full-spectrum CBD products. These ingredients are added to treat specific purposes. For pains, terpenes like eucalyptol and bisabolol can be added as they may help to reduce inflammation; menthol, camphor and arnica can also provide additional pain relief. For insomnia, melatonin (a hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle) can be added.

4. Amount of THC and other cannabinoids: There are three kinds of CBD you can find in stores, namely: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolates. Full-spectrum have other cannabinoid compounds including THC (about 0.3%). The broad spectrum also contains other cannabinoids but with no THC, while isolates are the pure form of CBD. If you want to avoid THC, you can go for a broad-spectrum or isolate. A very little amount of THC in the full spectrum can be noticeable in a blood test.

You've complained of back pain and insomnia, I will advise you to get CBD for back pain first. This is because insomnia may be a result of the discomfort from the back pain.

Please do not stop your medications for CBD except advised by a doctor. You should also see a doctor before taking CBD along with other drugs. This is because CBD may interact with the metabolism of certain drugs negatively. The most important guideline for you here is to see a doctor before taking any further step.

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