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Does drinking hot chocolate before bed help you sleep?

Asked a year ago

I love hot chocolate, especially when it's cold outside. Nothing beats having hot chocolate and reading a book on a rainy afternoon.

I'd like to know more about hot chocolate, though.

Besides being one of the most delicious beverages ever, are there any additional health benefits? I'm mostly curious about those related to relaxation and comfort; can drinking hot chocolate before bed help you sleep better?

The thing is, my sister says it's a bad habit because of the sugar and caffeine in it, and that it's more likely to keep me up, but I swear I sleep much better after drinking hot chocolate. So, who is right?

Terrell Gomez

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hot chocolate may contain caffeine and sugar, which can reduce the quality of your sleep by keeping you alert. If you like hot chocolate regularly, you can opt for a product with low or no caffeine and sugar. In that case, its cocoa content may help promote your sleep. However, you should also pay attention to the serving size as thi can also affect your sleep.

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